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CYINDEP envisions a world, which is based on Social Justice, Equity, Cooperation, Fairness, Trust, Effectiveness, Community building, and Respect for Human Rights

The Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform is based on a Memorandum of Understanding and a Foundation  Charter, signed in 2009 between its two constituent member platforms, the Cyprus NGO Network in the Turkish Cypriot community and the Cyprus NGO Platform ‘the Development’ in the Greek Cypriot community.

CYINDEP   is   a   member   of  the   European   NGO   Confederation   for   Relief  and   Development  (CONCORD),  whose membership   includes 18 international   networks  and   28 national  associations   from  EU  Member  States   representing  thus more   than   1800  European  NGOs.  Individual  organisations, members  of  CYINDEP,  participate  in  a  number   of   CONCORD   working  groups   and  events, with  a  view   to   playing   a  more   active  role   at   the   European   level, representing  the   interests   and  concerns   of   all  Cypriot  development  NGOs.